Amphera announces clinical updates of MesoPher cell therapy

Last patient completed follow-up period in Phase II/III study of Amphera’s MesoPher cell therapy in mesothelioma

Amphera’s MesoPher cell therapy demonstrates favourable safety and promising survival in a phase II clinical trial in resected pancreatic cancer

First patient enrolled in ENSURE study in resected mesothelioma

Amphera progresses two pancreatic cancer programmes after encouraging initial safety and efficacy data in mesothelioma

Proof-of-concept Phase I clinical trial started to assess the safety and efficacy of CD40 agonist mitazalimab in combination with MesoPher in patients with progressive metastatic pancreatic cancer

DC vaccination-αCD40 combination therapy improves survival of pancreatic tumour-bearing mice

DENIM study presented at IMIG2021